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Trying to build an online business? Well, it’s not that easy, especially during the early days of it. In fact, it could be downright discouraging and pretty tough these days.

To do so, you might need some encouragement and inspiration. That’s why we have compiled some success stories of Ecommerce businesses to boost your morale. These inspirational ecommerce examples will help you identify what strategies, tools and techniques are crucial to achieve success in business.

Ecommerce Example 1

It’s not necessary to invent something big like Mark Zuckerberg did by creating Facebook. It could be a hot sauce. Business owners Casey and Morgan cooked their own recipe of hot sauce using raw honey and chill flakes. And unbelievably, they sold it for $170,000 within a year. This ecommerce case study received a lot of attention for tools and ecommerce platform they used.  Ecommerce solution Shopify was proven as an essential tool for their business foundation. Shopify also helped them by automating the back-end of their online store.

EcommerceExample 2

What’s tougher than parenting is to launch an Ecommerce business. However, this inspirational example proves us wrong and shows that everything is possible. By selling digital products, this couple is earning as much as $600,000 annually. For us, it shows that businesses can be successful in very narrow niches (selling doll clothing patterns) too. At first, they chose WordPress but that didn’t work out well. So, they switched to Shopify and SendOwl ecommerce platforms. Both of these platforms were scalable and worked well for them.

Ecommerce Example 3

Even selling any item is so difficult these days, how can anyone achieve a boost in their sales? Seriously, how? With a brand named “Raw Generation”, this entrepreneur experimented with new online channels and elevated profits from $8,000 to $96,000. Jessica Geier also declared Shopify as one of the top websites builder due to its ease of use and Shopify app store as the best feature.

EcommerceExample 4

This case study proves that you can earn 7 figures by making a YouTube channel. Business owners knew that to find a good hair extension is no easy, and they made most out of this idea. They took this issue and solved it themselves by launching Luxy hair in 2010. They build an ecommerce website where they sell hair extensions to women. Ecommerce solution Shopify was their secret weapon.


Understand and learn the tools and techniques these entrepreneurs used for their online venture and then implement on yours.

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