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Are you a new entrant in the ecommerce business and looking for an ecommerce solution that will provide you an online store without any complications?

Well, here we have three of the most easy to use platforms that you can choose for opening up your ecommerce business.


Shopify is one of the market leaders in the ecommerce platforms. It is a platform that anyone can easily use and create a good quality online store of their own. Shopify provides a completely hosted solution to its users. This means you do not need to worry about paying to a hosting company separately. Once you have made an account on Shopify, you can sit back and look after your business, the rest Shopify will handle for you. Besides being super easy to set up and use, Shopify also has a lot of features that will help you sell better. You can easily add description and pictures of the products that you are selling. You also have a wide range of professional looking themes to choose from. However, the downside of using Shopify is that it could get a bit costly. Plus, if you do not use their built-in payment option then you would also have to pay a transaction fee on your sales.


BigCommerce is also an easy to use platform. It is a hosted website solution. You can easily manage your store because BigCommerce offers good management features. It has a lot of tools for promotion, inventory management and shipping. One if the prominent feature of BigCommerce is its flexible shipping option, this proves to be really helpful if you are dealing with other businesses. BigCommerce is quite flexible and you can easily customize your online store. But, customization is a bit complicated with BigCommerce.


Volusion is another cloud based fully hosted ecommerce website builder which is good for beginners and small to medium online businesses.  It is an easy platform to use because if its drag and drop option. It also offer a number of templates which you can customize according to your requirements. Volusion has good marketing features like SEO option. It has a collaboration with payment providers which makes the transactions easier to process. However, Volusion can be a little expensive platform compared to the others. It will cost you around $15 to $135, depending on the features that you want to avail.

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